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          Jiangxi province and wei new energy technology co.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "and" wei company),set product development,desigh,production,installation as one of the energy-saving air-conditioning equipment manufacturers,service providers,projece overall solutions provider.It involves many fields,such as fresh air purification,energy contract management,energy conservation,environmental protection and emission reduction,coal power transformation and so on.

          Ray puno company central air conditioning,it is suitable for installation in the household room,villa,apartment buildings,shopping malls and office,hotel,museums and other places,and are widely used in food processing,pharmaceutical factory,electronice factory,tobacco factory,chemical plants,refrigerated cold storage,constant temperature and humidity room and many field.With the first-class technology and advanced management philosophy,we provide professional customization for the outstanding customers.

          He wei company is located in the state-level development zone,yiyang county,jiangxi province always focus on innovation,research and development,reform,and gathered a high quality,visionary,skillful design team,set up perfect product research and development system.The company has complete sets of advanced production processing equipment and perfect process system,mass production and processing various specifications efficient copper tube and strengthen the structure of the aluminum plate fin heat exchanger,various types of precision sheet metal parts.

         Company produces by China land insurance company to provide 20 million yuan product quality insurance.